How we bill

We will bill in increments for our active customers and bill you according to what service we are performing (content editing, programming, SEO, etc).

Custom work policy

We build custom products, programming and work at 3plains. Our policies, risks and cost work estimates for custom work.

Website & Hosting fee

Part of your CMS/Hosting Fee gives you 24/7 access to update your website on your computer, tablet or smart phone. We have plenty of tutorials in our FAQ/Support area on and in our 3plains Online Portal under the support tab.


Job Scams

Job scams are nothing new, we usually have a few job scammers out there calling themselves 3plains.


Transfer Domain Away from Wix or Email Away from Wix

If you have a client that needs to transfer their domain name and email away from, follow these instructions.

Troubleshooting & Screenshots: How To

Troubleshooting websites and technical issue document for our customers.

Clear browser cache

Any time we make design updates to your website, be it a simple framework change, or an entire re-design, it may look rather odd the first time you load the site after the updates. We call it the “Picasso effect” because your site can truly look like a Picasso painting; jumbled with weird graphics in the wrong place.

Screensharing software

Use the following for screensharing with 3plains.

Download Photos on a Website

When a client has an existing website, and can't get access to photos, there is a quick trick to downloading all the photos on the page of a website with Firefox.

Cisco SPA500S Expansion Module Template

Cisco SPA500S Excel Sidecar Template.

Computer Hardware Options

Everyone works differently. Figure out the look, feel, functionality of what you like.

Pheasants Forever

Pheasants Forever Website Install Guide

Pheasants Forever website tips and how to get started.

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