Accept Payments or Deposits

Here are 5 different ways depending on how your organization wants to accept payments:

1. Variable Amount Text Box

This customer has a form textbox where they can key the dollar amount.

Pros - This system can take a variety of down payment options in case the amount varies.

Cons - The downfall is customers could mis-key the amount.

Example: (with added processing fee)

2. Drop-down with Product/Amount

Pros - They customer can't change the amount and see's how much the down payment is with each product.

Cons - The customer could select the incorrect drop-down amount.

Example -

3. Custom Form Options Linked to PayPal

This customer has custom options so he can keep track of who paid, when they are coming and more.

4. Add to Cart Button

Pros - They customer can't change the amount.

Cons - If you change the down payment often in could be annoying.

Example -

5. Variable Amount with Optional Terms of Service Checkbox

This customer has a form textbox where they can key the dollar amount and a checkbox for accepting the terms of service.

Note - You must write the terms of service or have your lawyer write a terms of service for you.

Example -

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Last Updated: 2024-03-17

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