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Add or updating my credit card

Adding / Updating your Credit Card

After logging in to the 3plains Client Portal:

  • Click on Renewals & Billing under the Account tab or in the upper right corner in the dropdown menu under your name.
  • You will see your current card in a dropdown menu. Hit Select Account to Update.
  • Enter Your Card Number, Expiration Date & CVV2.
  • Verify your Billing information is correct as seen on your billing statement. Note: The billing address must match the mailing address on the card.
  • Hit Update Payment Profile. If the system updates in green and says success, your credit card has been verified.

Declined Credit Card

Below is a list of common decline messages and information about the decline types:

Declined (Card declined by issuer - contact card issuer to determine reason.)

This generally occurs for one of two reasons:

The customer's credit card issuing bank did not approve the transaction. This could be for insufficient funds, frozen account status, invalid credit card number or expiration date, etc. Unfortunately the card issuing bank does not provide additional details regarding the reason for the decline. The customer will need to contact the card issuing bank for more information. One way to recognize a bank decline is to look at the transaction's Address Verification Service (AVS) status in the Authorization Information section of the Transaction Detail page. If it shows AVS Not Applicable (P), this generally means that no verification of the address information was initiated as the transaction was declined beforehand.

The transaction may have been declined by your processor based on transaction limits established by your Merchant Service Provider (MSP). Your MSP sets both per-transaction and monthly transaction amount limits for your transaction processing. If you have questions regarding your transaction limits, please contact your MSP. A phone number to your MSP should be on your most recent funding statement.

Declined (Contact card issuer to complete transaction.)

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