Outdoor Web Design by 3plains

Outdoor Web Design by 3plains

3plains specializes in outdoor web design, custom outdoor logo design, brochure design, website marketing, and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the outdoor industry. We are outdoorsmen ourselves so we understand what your business is all about. Call us at (612) 716-2060 or email us to request a quote.

Unique Ideas - Marketing within the outdoors industry is a unique and special space. Non-traditional advertising is necessary to accurately target the right type of clientele. Traditional advertising that consists of broadcast (e.g., TV and Radio) and print (e.g., Newspaper, Yellow Pages, and Magazines), does not reach the highest concentration of the intended audience. Therefore non-traditional advertising, including having a strong internet presence and a balanced mix of other types of advertising strategies, is the appropriate avenue to invest in.

Track Record - Established in 2006, 3plains has built a proven track record for generating high search engine rankings, high levels of pre-qualified visitors to client websites, and an increase in online purchases for their outdoors clientele. By understanding the client’s business, their marketing needs, and the target audience 3plains is able to develop a professional and successful online internet marketing strategy.

Outdoor Web Design

Outdoor Website Marketing & Design

Our "made in the U.S.A." outdoor web design product has been a favorite among clients since 2006 and our list of clients has expanded each year into different outdoor industries. We are all Outdoorsmen and know what works in this industry. Your outdoor website should be working around the clock for you by generating leads, contacts, and prospective clients. We tailor each website to your specific outdoor business in order to optimize your advertising and marketing budget. Our goal is to create an outdoor website and brand that best represents your quality of service, presenting you with the opportunity to succeed while securing new revenue generating opportunities for your business via the internet.

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Outdoors Web Hosting

Outdoor Website CMS & Hosting

At 3plains, we have Custom Management System (CMS) software that supports every outdoor website we host. This software has been created in house, based on the feedback our clients have provided. Our CMS was developed to make outdoor website management experience easier and to encourage you to update your outdoor website more frequently. We know that running an outdoor business is time-consuming and involves hard work, but keeping your outdoor website up-to-date shouldn’t be.

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Outdoors SEO

Outdoor Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many companies state they can get you to the top of search engines. They claim you will be #1 within months, but don't be fooled. At 3plains we never over promise and under deliver. Depending on your current online profile and the competition in your industry and region, SEO can be a long term process. Accordingly, we provide in-depth reporting so you can track the progress of your campaign. We know what you need to become a leader in your outdoor field, our results speak for themselves. You found us at the top, why can't you be there too?

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Outdoors Logos

Custom Design Outdoor Logo

At 3plains we have a talented outdoor designers who understand the outdoor industry and work with you to create the perfect logo for your business. Unlike many of our competitor’s logos, every 3plains logo is handcrafted meaning your logo doesn't come from a giant catalog of pre-made logos and logo elements.

We even have hand drawn logos and custom logos that we can take from a photo you submit, so it's truely one of a kind.

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Outdoors Business Cards

Print Design | Brochures | Business Cards | Rack Cards

"Old School" printing and advertising methods are far from gone. You will always need outdoor brochures to hand out to clientele, business cards hand to future clients, and outdoor rack cards to display in your front office. Print material with eye-catching and engaging content will lead a prospective client to inquire more about your outdoor business. We have many templates and offer a full range custom design, if desired.

Print Design Portfolio

Promo Photos

Promotional Videos and Photography for the Outdoors

Do you want to add that little extra something to your website that further personalizes it and makes it stand out from the crowd? Inquire about our promotional video and photography services. With this service, we can visit your establishment to capture professional videos and photos of your outdoor business you can display throughout your website.

Outdoors Promo Videos

Hunting & Outdoor Apparel

Merchandise and Vehicle Decals

School. The grocery store. Your child's soccer game. Brand your business wherever you go. Our 3plains designers will work with you to create merchandise-ready images that we can have transferred onto high-quality apparel or vehicle decals and shipped directly to your door.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Pheasant Hunting & Outdoors Web Design

Why 3plains

As avid outdoors people with professional marketing and web design backgrounds, we first and foremost understand the outdoors industry and how it works. Secondly, we understand your clientele – the target audience that you are trying to reach to sell your goods and services to. Let us help you on the web. That's our job and our commitment to you.

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Contact Us for Pricing/Quote

Contact us to get more information, pricing, or to just have a quick conversation with one of our design staff to determine what the best option is for your business. When you are ready to talk to us over the phone, here are a few things that will help us understand what you are looking for and ultimately assist us in determining an accurate cost estimate:

  • Do you already have a logo/brand designed for your outdoor business?
  • Are there examples of websites you like?  What is it you like about them?  What don’t you like? They can be from any industry or other outdoor websites.
  • For new sites, have an idea of what kind of information you would want on individual pages.
  • For existing sites, what do you want to change?
  • We bill our hours based on the budget and product we agreed upon with you - we don’t pull numbers out of a hat.
  • We can fit any budget - whatever you have to spend, we can work with. We can also extend the cost out to 2 years if necessary.

Fill out the request form below to receive a call or email back from us. Be sure to indicate when it is convenient to for you to receive a call from us.  Feel free to call 3plains directly at 612-716-2060.

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