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The owner wanted to take his current logo, expand upon it and take his logo to the next level. There were a few ideas attached and rough sketches but stated he wanted to leave the creativity up to us. Basically the original logo had a drift boat silhouette, 1 color and in a circle. Ideas included keeping the drift boat in blue and in a oval vs. the circle. The font he wasn’t quite sure on and left that up to us. Our first revision we nailed with adding a blue oval surrounding the logo with a drift boat and a fisherman with a line in the water. Revision 2 he wanted a duck flying in the background and we had it.

Business: Asheville Anglers
Location: Weaverville, North Carolina
Owners: Travis Honeycutt, Jay Dodd
Category: Fishing
Type: Logo Design
Description: World class fishing trips for many species including trout, smallmouth bass, striped bass, and even the elusive musky.
Species Fished For: Trout, Musky Fishing, Stripers, Smallmouth Bass

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