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The client first and foremost wanted us to have fun with this logo and put their trust in us to make them a killer logo. They were looking for outlined images along with detail and a Labrador Retriever flushing a rooster pheasant. BIRD CRAZY GUN DOGS is meant to be a fun and playful business, so we were creative with font, color, font position and color. We tried a few different variations and the client eventually liked the red in the font of "Bird Crazy". Steve & Amy were thrilled with the final product and we enjoyed the project - another satisfied 3plains logo design customer.

Location: Portage, Wisconsin
Owners: Steve & Amy Pappas
Category: Bird Dog Training
Service: Custom Logo Design
Description: Provides professional, and affordable training for the upland bird hunter specializing in young dogs, Retrievers, Flushers, and Pointers.

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