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Colors decided by the client were dark blue, dark grey and neon green. Along with the colors was 3 sketches. They were pretty crude, but wow were they helpful so we could understand his idea. Actually, I was impressed! Additional, he was thinking Montana Elk & Trout with a Brown or Rainbow trout on one side possibly eating a fly and on the other side a Six Point Bull Elk, possibly bugling or maybe just the shoulder and head with maybe a mountain scene in the back along with Lucinda Calligraphy font for the logo. He added that we are the professionals and anything we feel needed to just be honest with him. We built out his idea to a T since we really liked his very specific idea and it turned out awesome. I like when customers can be really specific and see their idea come to life like this.

Company: Montana Elk & Trout
Location: Montana
Category: Hunting & Fishing
Services: Logo Design

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