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Fishing/Hunting Guide Service Logo

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James Wood thought it would be great to style the logo to be Native American pattern influenced. The business is predominantly fly fishing based, so he wanted that to be reflected in the logo. The idea for the design was to be a brown trout with speckles as the dominant feature in the logo and the color of the brown trout as the main color pattern in the logo. Wood Family Outfitters and Guide Service also offer duck hunting and deer hunting trips so he wanted to try and incorporate a picture of a deer and a duck to let our customers know that we are not solely a fishing guide service, but only if including a duck and a deer doesn't crowd the logo. As you can see, James vision of his logo came to life in a variety of concepts and we were able to hit the mark for him. Great client to work with and a great custom logo design from 3plains.

Company: Wood Family Outfitters and Guide Service
Location: Montana
Category: Fishing, Hunting
Services: Logo Design
Description: A fly fishing and hunting guide service that is personable and focused on quality

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