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Located at the confluence of the Allagash and St John Rivers in Northern Maine, Tylor Kelly Camps is a third generation guiding business that has been taking hunting clients into the big woods for over four decades. Not only does the Kelly Family run a year round business for hunting and fishing clientele, but their lodge also serves as an outpost and taxi service for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts looking to explore Maine’s vast network of remote rivers during the mild summer months.

In May of 2020, the Kelly’s made the strategic decision to forfeit their booth space at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA and invest their marketing dollars in upgrading their outdated WordPress site to a mobile responsive 3plains design. With the help of Mrs Kelly and her endless supply of amazing photos, 3plains was able to design & launch a new website in 21 days that best represents the Kelly’s deep Northern Maine roots, as well as the natural beauty that is unique to the Allagash region.

Client: Tylor Kelly Camps
Location: Allagash, Maine
Category: Hunting, Fishing
Services: Responsive Website Design, Email Marketing

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