Ordering Apparel

If you are looking to get apparel for your business, we have detailed the things you will want to get organized before you reach out to your apparel/merchandise company.

Logo Design

Logo Design Process

How does the logo design process work with 3plains? From your logo idea, to logo concept, to logo revisions, to logo finalization, to logo copyrighting, to embroidery, and all to the legal process after...we go through the steps and recommendations so you have all the details.

Finished Logo Design Files Delivery

Read the following link to view about our finished logo delivery.

Changes To Your 3plains Designed Logo

If you are looking to change the logo 3plains for you, we have the details here.

Someone Stole My Logo

If someone stole your logo or created something similar to it, what are your options? Unfortunately copyright infringement and logo theft happens more often than you think. People just assume that it's on the internet and it's free game.

Lost Logo Files / File Recovery

How can I download my high resolution logo files, retrieve lost high resolution logo files or I am requesting high resolution logo files?


Print, Embroidery and Merchandise

Will 3plains Work With Your Print Company? Yes. However, after initial delivery, we must bill for any additional time working with your printer, embroidery or merchandise company to make sure we are compensated for our designers time working with your chosen vendor.

300 DPI and Print Resolution

Understanding 300 Print DPI and Image Resolution. It’s important to begin with a high-quality image which means the highest resolution and image dimensions you can get. When it comes to source images, bigger is better, because you can go down in size, but not up, without losing quality.

Print Project Resources

What type of resources do I need for my print project?

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