Finished Logo Design Files Delivery

Congratulations, you've just received your finished logo files and thank you for choosing 3plains to build your new logo.

Included Files

You will get 5 versions of your logo, 3 standard and 2 Vector in a zip file. Print shops will usually ask for vector files, but make sure to double check with the shop you choose.

Standard Files

1. JPG File - You should have one high resolution .jpg file for viewing on your computer.  This file is just for you and your computer.  3plains has sent you this so you can view your final logo in its approved and finished state.  This file IS NOT intended for use with your chosen vendors!  Its just for you!  Email it to your family, friends, business partners!  Post it on your Facebook page, and then file it away in your documents folder.  The jpg is the most common image file type, and is easily opened on any computer platform with a multitude of software applications. 

2. PNG File - We've included another type of image file called a Portable Network Graphic file or .png.  PNG's are similar to jpg's in that they are easily opened and viewed on any computer platform, but also have the added benefit of transparency, so the rectangle behind and around your logo won't appear as a white box when used for output.

3. PDF File - You will also receive a pdf or portable document file is a file format used to present and exchange documents reliably, independent of software, hardware, or operating system.

Vector Files

4. AI File - We also include a .ai or (Adobe Illustrator) file as some printing companies ask for this so they can modify little things.

5. EPS File - EPS stands for Encapsulated Post Script, and was developed originally by Adobe as a programming language for printers. A few notes on EPS files if you want to get really geeky:

  • Why EPS's are great - An EPS is basically math.  Your EPS logo is called a vector graphic and is completely scale-able, which means it can be used for everything from pens and mugs, to banners, decals, & signs of any size without losing any of its sharpness or clarity.
  • EPS's are an industry standard - You can take your new EPS logo to pretty much any professional for signage and merchandise.  In fact its the file format most good vendors prefer, because it ensures they can reproduce the quality you're used to seeing with almost any type of output.
  • But I can't open my EPS -Viewing EPS files is actually pretty easy. If you have a Windows or Mac computer, you probably already have at least one program that can open EPS files, and there are several other good ones. Here are some: Microsoft Word can embed eps files in documents, so it can serve as a simple EPS viewer. Just drag and drop the file into a new word document and you'll see the EPS file.  To do this in older versions of Office, you might have to use the "insert" menu. Apple Preview can open EPS files. This program, only for macs, comes installed on all macs. Adobe Acrobat can open EPS files on either platform. Fancier programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop can open EPS files. One great free solution is Ghostview an open source program based on the Ghostscript postscript engine. Ghostview can view postscript, PDF, and EPS files.

Opening Your Zip File

Due to the size of the logo files, we will compress them and send them to you in a zip file. Click the links below for instructions on how to open these files. In order to open on your phone, you may need to download a 3rd-party program such as WinZip or IZip

Merchandise, Embroidery, Print

Need a merchandise vendor? If you don't have a merchandise vendor, let us know, we have a few good vendors we work with.

What files do I need when go to my vendor? You will need your EPS file when you take your logo to your local printer for merchandise. Burn your EPS logo file onto a CD-R/DVD/USB key and provide this to a vendor for any merchandise you'll be needing. You can also email your EPS as an attachment to the vendor.

What will my logo work with?  Your logo will work for pretty much everything:

  • Screen printing - T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, etc.
  • Vinyl - Decals, Signage for smooth surfaces such as glass windows, or automobile doors, tailgates, windows etc.
  • Embroidery - Hats, Shirts, Jackets, etc. - * Read note below

* Note: Embroidery shops will need to convert your .eps file to a .dst file - which is machine embroidery format. 3plains does not have DST file software, nor do we may make recommendations since we leave that to embroidery shops since they are the professionals in that space. Some designs/photos are complicated, need to be separated into layers and some details eliminated in regards to stitching. Many professional embroidery shops will do the digitizing for a setup fee or build it into the cost.

EPS file corruption - Sometimes an EPS can become corrupted and refuse to open.  This happens most often in conjunction with email, and the way certain email providers choose to manage attached files.  If your EPS is giving you or your vendors trouble don't hesitate to contact us. We always have a working copy of your EPS logo in our database, and we can easily replace your corrupted file for a small fee.

Non 3plains Partner Vendors & file editing/questions - If you have a non 3plains partner vendor you are working with that is having trouble with the files and need our assistance, keep in mind we do charge for our time working with your chosen vendor. When we deliver the ZIP file with working files, you have everything your vendor needs for decals, printing, merchandise, etc. Read more about it here.

High Resolution Logo on your Website

If you are a 3plains website customer and had your logo designed by 3plains, we always put your high resolution logos on your website in a downloads area of your website like this: Typically it's your website address with /downloads/ after your .com name. Note: We have a media/downloads page for a variety of things.

Sometimes customers will ask if it's a bad idea because people will steal your logo. If people want to copy or steal your logo, they will even without this page. We have seen this hundreds of times. Your logo is protected by copyright infringement law and DMCA law, but it's up to you to work with an attorney if someone infringes on your logo.

We like the downloads page ourselves, since it will make it much much easier on your business when it comes time to do merchandise, online advertisements, vendors, or whomever needs access to your logos. Then you can just point these businesses over the phone to your downloads page and it's easy. However, if you want this page removed and your high resolution EPS, JPG, PDF files off your website you are welcome to. You will need to delete the files and the page. Keep note though, it is NOT our job at 3plains to email out your logo to you multiple times or email our this logo to vendors on your behalf. We charge a $50 fee to do this (read the next section under Backup Files).

You  could put the logos in a online storage source like, OneDrive or Google Drive instead of having a downloads page. That is a great solution as well.

Backup Files

After delivery of the zip files, we recommend you backup the files immediately. After delivery of the logo files, it is your responsibility not to lose the files.

We recommend backing up your files in 2 sources and in 2 locations. A few backup solutions and ideas include:

  • Backup on your computer in your business documents with a separate folder called "logo".
  • A online storage source like, OneDrive or Google Drive
  • A external USB key and put it in your file cabinet and/or off-site.

Note: If you happen to lose the files and need a copy, we do keep them in our archives but charge a retrieval fee of $50. Click here for lost logo information.


Copyrights and trademarks are used to protect your intellectual property against infringement. Copyrights protect works of authorship, such as written work, film, audio, digital files and logos. These usually apply to works you’ve created. Trademarks are used for words, phrases, and symbols that identify a company and distinguish it from others. Because our custom logos include original, and often times commissioned, artwork you may want both a copyright and trademark to protect it and your brand from unauthorized use.

Brand/Logo Infringements

It is your responsibility as a business to protect your new logo design and your brand. People may copy, re-purpose or even blatantly steal your logo like this:


Think that is bad? We have seen even worse. We have even seen people copy our clients logo and then tell our client that they need to take down their logo that we designed for our client or they will get their lawyer involved! There are delusional people out there, so protect yourself.

If this happens, there are a variety of things you can do to have the infringement party take down your stolen logo/re-purposed logo. We do not, nor give legal advice, but we do recommend a trusted lawyer. If your logo is stolen, it is not 3plains responsibility to help you.

Copyright/Trademark Process & Forms

You may want to go through the copyright and trademark process found here. Again, we recommend that you talk to a lawyer about it. Keep in mind, if you want to do this, you will need to have 3plains transfer the design copyright to you since the designer by default owns the copyright. So if you go to register a copyright, they will need a "Copyright Transfer form". Not to worry, we have that ready for you when you need it. Please ask us for this and we will give you a PDF copy.

Full link here.


Thank you for your business and enjoy your new logo!

- 3plains

Still need help or don't want to DIY?

We have maintenance service and website update packages available. Please fill out a ticket and a 3plains representative will reach out to you with details on pricing and packages.

Last Updated: 2024-03-16

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