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Email Status

Email System Status, Setup, Login info for Rackspace, Google Workspace and Microsoft Office.

Google Workspace

Email thread issue in Gmail

How to fix the email thread issue in Gmail.

Google Apps / Google G Suite Legacy Free Edition (Forced Upgrade)

If you are on a Google Apps / Google G Suite Legacy Free Edition, you will be forced to upgrade to the Google Workspace paid edition or your email will stop working unless you put in your billing details into Google Workspace Admin Console.

Microsoft Outlook

Setup a email alias in Microsoft Outlook

How to setup a email alias in Microsoft Outlook.


Email Options

Email options we recommend at 3plains.

Handling Email Efficiently and Organization

How to handle email efficiently, organization, email strategies and ideas to make your life easier.

How do I setup a email signature?

How do I create a email signature?


Rackspace: iPhone Email Setup

How to setup your email on your iPhone with the Native iPhone email app.

Setup Email

I just got my new email through 3plains. How do I check it and what are the settings for my home computer, iPad and smart phone? Click below to find out more.

Reset my email password

How to reset your email password to your Rackspace powered email.

Rackspace: Dealing with Junk Mail and Spam

Why am I getting so much junk mail in my inbox? Why are legitimate emails ending up in my spam/junk mail folder?

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