Brochure Design & Printing for Hunting Outfitters

Print brochures are an important piece for portraying a professional image to both your current and potential customers. We offer brochures geared towards the hunting industry for guides, outfitters, lodges, and landowners. 3plains specializes in the hunting and fishing marketing segments, so we have an eye for what will make your vision come to life. We spend a fair amount of time in the industry so we also know what your customers are looking for. We will construct that perfect hunting brochure design for your company. View our work below and email us or call us at 612-716-2060

Hunting Ranch Brochure Design

Hunting Brochures

Brochures and media kits are usually your "follow-up" call to your prospective clients. After handing the materials out at trade shows, for example, it is your hope that the brochure is designed in a manner to generate additional interest and evoke contact from the prospective customer. Click on our brochure design portfolio to view examples.

Brochure Design Portfolio

Sizes and Types of Brochures

Type & Sizes

What size and type of brochure are you looking for? If you are not sure, give us a call and we can help you through the process. The most common type in the hunting industry is the tri-fold brochure.

Sizes - 11x17, 11x25.5 (6 page brochure), 12x18, 6x9, 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 9x12, 9x16

Types - Bi-fold brochures, Tri-fold brochures, Gate-Fold Brochure, Z-Fold Brochure, Folders, Inserts, Flyers, Catalogs, Pamphlets, Leaflets, Booklets

Single-sheet - single-sheet brochures are designed on one double-sided sheet of paper with the most common brochure size being a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet. When folded in half, these sheets become four-page brochures. If folded in thirds, they become six-paneled (three in back, three in front) brochures. Other sizes are 8.5" x 14", 11" x 17", and other custom sizes.

Multi-sheet - Multi-sheet brochures are larger documents using several double-sided sheets of paper. When folded in half, each sheet represents four pages that are then nested and stitched together, like a booklet.

Elk Hunting Ranch Brochures

Tri-Fold Hunting Brochures

When designing brochures, you will need to take into account the paper stock, the colors, and the folds of your brochure. Using a coated stock will increase the glossiness and make your brochure look more professional. You will also need high-resolution images and logos. If you do not have these available, we can work together to create a new custom logo for you (total redesign or clone/re-build your existing logo). For images, it is recommended that you invest in a digital camera, as their decreased cost and increased quality makes having one a vital part of doing online and print marketing.

Hunting Brochure Design

Printing Options, Price & Delivery

We use a few different vendors to ensure the best price. Price is driven by a few factors: volume (more volume, cheaper per piece cost), paper type, paper size, finish (UV, aqueous coat, matte), folding, and of course, shipping charges. After the brochure design is approved by you, the order is expected to be shipped within 4-7 business days. Our process couldn't be simpler and our prices are hard to beat.

Brochure Design Portfolio



Hunting Brochure Example Front

Hunting Outfitter Brochure - Outside

Hunting Brochure Example Back

Hunting Outfitter Brochure - Inside

Hunting Brochure Tri-Fold Example Front

Tri-Fold Hunting Ranch Brochure - Outside

Hunting Brochure Tri-Fold Example Back

Tri-Fold Hunting Ranch Brochure - Inside

Hunting Lodge Brochure Tri-Fold Example Front

South Dakota Hunting Lodge Brochure - Inside

Hunting Lodge Brochure Tri-Fold Example Back

South Dakota Hunting Lodge Brochure - Outside


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