The Future of Email Marketing

The Future of Email Marketing

The Future of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing has grown to become one of the most effective tools in all businesses no matter the size. Marketing through email allows businesses to not only connect with their customers and prospects in a very cost effective and efficient way but to promote their business' services and products as well.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Communication: A consistent email marketing campaign can be a great strategy to communicate with future and current customers. As you build your audience, an e-newsletter can become a valuable channel to communicate and market to your customers.

Personalize Your Message: Email Marketing is a direct marketing channel that helps you target your specific audience based on interests and demographics and it allows you to create personalized campaigns just for your audience.

Target Your Audience: One advantage to email marketing is the ability to run reporting and dive into the analytics of your campaigns. Receiving emails forces people to either read or delete the emails making email marketing easily measurable and overall effective. For example, we have reporting that will show you how many people opened your email, how many people unsubscribed from your emails, and how many marked your email as spam.

Increase Your Sales: Email Marketing is a great way to help encourage your customers to take the next steps to purchase your service or product. Within your email marketing campaigns, you can tell your customers about special offers, fill those last-minute cancellations, send seasonal emails, announce upcoming events or dates, etc. These are just a few examples of ways to engage and gain the attention of your clients and prospects that will help drive sales.

Increase Customer Retention: Although email marketing if effective at making sales to new customers, it is especially effective in engaging and reselling to existing or past customers. Seasonal emails allow you to maintain a relationship with past customers and build stronger loyalty, ultimately leading to a higher rate of rebooking and customer retention.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Like any other marketing tool, the cost of email marketing will depend on your budget and the size of the email marketing audience list you want to reach. At 3plains, we have a couple of options we can recommend but would love to understand what your plan is, so we recommend the best fit for you and your business.

Building Your Email Marketing List

Building a strong client marketing list is very important with any email marketing plan. Most if not all websites will have the ability to download a contact submission form which you can use to build your list. It is very crucial that you start to develop a plan to build your clientele list.

Not sure how to build a plan? 3plains has a team of marketing experts that will be able to help you develop your own custom Email Marketing strategy.

Strategies to build your email marketing list.

Create a spread sheet to organize lists.
Segment lists by services.
Get all your customers information. For example if you are a fishing lodge, get the name and email for all group members that visit.
Get contact information from phone call inquiries and add to spreadsheet.


How often should I send out emails?
The key to a successful email marketing strategy is consistency. There is no right or wrong answer for how frequently you should send out your email newsletters but whenever you send the, send them consistently.

Depending on your industry and goals it could be weekly, monthly or quarterly. The key to email marketing is being consistent so your ready can develop trust and a relationship with your business. As time goes on and your readership grows, your newsletters will become a communication tool in addition to a way to promote your services.

Will my email newsletters look like spam?
The last thing anyone wants is to receive another spam email, which is why we recommend having a customized template created that will help your business marketing emails stand out. 3plains offers Design and Consulting Options that will help design your personalized newsletter.

Is Email Marketing more effective than Social Media?
Marketing through Email and Social Media are both effective ways to reach your audience and both have pros and cons. It has been said “Don’t build your house on rented land” Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all the social media platforms like these are constantly changing and you will never have full control of what content you can promote, who is going to see it and when you can promote it.  With email marketing, you have full control of what you send out, whom you send it to, and when you want to send it out.

What Industries does Email marketing work best for?
Email marketing has proven to be effective for all industries, from dog breeders, hunting outfitters, and fishing lodges to window cleaners and roofing companies. For Example, email marketing can be highly beneficial for dog breeders because it allows them to target their specific audience and new prospects who have shown interest in one of their litters or breeds. This allows dog breeders to share updates when new litters are born and upcoming litters due.

Why is email marketing a great strategy for hunting & fishing lodges & outfitters?
Hunting Outfitters and Fishing Guides are another great example of an industry that can benefit from sending out email newsletters to a targeted audience. Here are just a couple of reasons why the outdoors industry should utilize email marketing.

  • Sell Upcoming Hunts and Fishing Trips
  • Fill Last Minute Cancellations
  • Highlight Events
  • Promote Your Business

Does Email Marketing Work For Small Businesses?
Email marketing is one of the most effective sales and communication tools for small businesses. Most small businesses employ some kind of email marketing platform, making it easy to create engaging campaigns, target and personalize emails, and track results. Read More

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