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Pheasants Forever Setup & Prices

1. Domain

Pick a domain if you don't already have a website. We recommend choosing a .org or .com domain name that is easy for people to remember. A few ideas include,,, etc.

We recommend going to, doing a domain search, and purchasing an open domain name.

2. Installation

2. Installation

After picking out your domain name, we install your website and you can begin loading content. Contact us with any questions or view our get started guide or help section.

What's included:

  • Example Design Installation:
  • Website setup, design installation & build
  • Website pre-loaded with default placeholder content

What's not included:

  • Your chapter will need to create the content (new websites) or move over the content from the existing websites. We have templates set up to make content loading easier.
  • Modifications & customization (Note: Extra fees)
  • Domain purchase & management (Note: View section #1 above)

$250/One Time

* This fee can be paid via check or credit card.

3. Recurring

3. Recurring

The recurring fee covers a variety of services and products. This includes:

Option 1: $33.25 per Month or $399 Annually (17% Savings) * Note: Check or credit card
Option 2: $39 per Month * Note: Credit card only

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